Women's mannequin as from the catwalk

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Turn up the atmosphere in the boutique. Bring your collections straight from the catwalk to the store window. The LTF4 mannequin in a dynamic pose will take your customers on a journey into the world of great fashion. The slightly tilted hip perfectly replicates the positions of models who present styles during shows. It will work well in displaying casual, sporty, but also premium collections. The modern, minimalist features of the LOFT collection mannequins combine classics with a touch of modernity - lightness, femininity and full freedom and strength. This is an ideal proposition for demanding brands that want to emphasize attention to detail.

Women's mannequin as from the catwalk is a proposition for premium brands

This was our goal - we wanted to design a women's mannequin, just like from the catwalk. For discerning brands that want to present their collections in the best way. The LTF4 display mannequin stands apart, its waist is arranged in a slight curve, its arms hang along the silhouette. The hands are designed to make it easier for you to display your bags. On the feet you can show summer flip flop type shoes. You will order the LTF4 mannequin in two variants: with a semi-abstract face, that is, delicately outlined features, and a smooth head with ears, which meets the needs of modern exhibition creations.

Combine mannequins in dynamic pose with static displays from the LOFT collection

LTF4 dynamic pose mannequins will work well in both solo and group displays. They are best combined with more static silhouettes, especially with classic models like LTF1, LTF2, LTF3, LTM1-R and LTM2-R. The entire LOFT collection was designed with comfort in mind. The mannequins are both lightweight and stable. In the set you get an elegant glass base. The silhouette is covered with a white matte anti-scratch coating, which protects the display from minor scratches.

Shipping of store mannequins is done at an express pace

With us you don't wait weeks for the ordered mannequins. Shipping is done at an express pace. All you need to do is indicate the number and variant of the selected mannequin. Contact our sales supervisor, who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Data sheet

Height 185 cm / 73 in
Chest 83 cm / 32,5 in
Waist 62 cm / 24,4 in
Hips 86 cm / 34 in
Shoe size 39 / 6 UK
Heel 12 cm / 4,7 in
Gender female
Brand Persona 21 years, 21-27 years old, 27+ years
Material fibreglass
Colour white matt 9003
Base glass, round (B-G2)


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