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The arrangement of your boutique can become more interesting when you introduce a touch of elegance to it. ONE MALE's collection of men's mannequins is the definition of style and chic. With ONE MALE clothing mannequins, creating an effective display is easier than you think. Minimalist details and delicate yet assertive poses create the perfect effect.

- Simplicity and timelessness - the definition of the ONE MALE collection.
- Masculine, well-built silhouettes in static poses.
- Possibility to choose from two head variants - ABSTRACT and CLASSIC
- We focus on functionality and the highest quality of our products.

ONE MALE - full body mannequins in elegant style

Full-figuremannequins from the ONE MALE collection can be both a boutique fi xture and the focal point of a store display. The white perfectly exposes each item of clothing, while the matte finish adds a touch of class. It doesn't matter whether you offer suits or perhaps casual wear - ONE MALE mannequins will work well in both cases. We offer two collections with different head variants - semi-abstract CLASSIC or abstract ABSTRACT. The semi-abstract version perfectly reproduces facial features and impresses with its realism. The abstract one, on the other hand, is more versatile - the lack of clear facial features is an asset, especially for boutiques offering clothes for everyday wear. The appearance of the mannequin does not fit into a specific type of beauty, so the chosen styling will interest a much larger audience.

ONE MALE - let yourself be charmed by a unique collection of clothing mannequins

Anyone who has ever run a clothing store knows how difficult it is to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of customers. ONE MALE clothing mannequins are made to be the center of attention. They are perfectly crafted models that intrigue with their unique design, feature high quality and functionality. Static silhouettes present garments in an attractive way, and also allow you to conveniently change styles. If you care above all about reliability, choose the ONE MALE collection.

See also the AEGON collection.

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  • ONM-A

    ONMA Display male mannequin

    The athletic silhouette of the display male mannequin in two different looks is an effective way to increase clothing sales and get passers-by interested in your new clothing collection. This display male mannequin can be combined freely with other products, which together will create a timeless and interesting arrangement. If you are looking for male...

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  • ONM-B

    ONMB Male mannequin body

    We present a mannequin with classic male features and body structure. It will be used for both classic and modern exhibitions. A stable stance with the head pointing straight ahead represents self-confidence. Presented on such a silhouette, the garment looks favourable, which encourages purchase. The male mannequin body can be successfully used in shops...

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  • ONM-C

    ONMC Male mannequin egg face

    This is the classic male mannequin egg face. It stands out from the rest with its upright posture and wide leg span. This position ensures the stability of the whole structure and allows you to present your collection in a great way. The natural dimensions of the body do not give the effect of exaggeration - the silhouette of the mannequin looks very...

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  • ONM-D

    ONMD Mannequin boutique

    Mannequins boutique is the ideal way to present a clothing collection. It is worth opting for a design that draws attention to itself. The masculine posture with its wide stance looks like a model on the catwalk. The natural body dimensions and faithful reproduction of details make the garments presented impeccable. Our mannequins look extremely realistic...

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  • Manekin męski  biały

    ONME Store mannequin

    Store mannequins are a versatile option that can appear in your shop window. Here is the ONM-E model with a head-to-toe stance. It is distinguished by its slight stride and masculine postural features. People viewing the collection can imagine what they will look like in the garments presented. The simplified body line and the lack of visible folds or...

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  • ONM-F

    ONMF Boutique mannequin

    Boutique mannequins are a way to present your clothing collection in an attractive way. Garments that hang on hangers may, in no way, appeal to customers. Upright figures with a wide stance 'exude' confidence. This makes the clothes look much more favourable. This is a solution that will find application in premium shops and boutiques, among others....

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items