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The Child Egg Head Display is a classic model from the core collection. Inspired by the colourful world of children. Its dimensions replicate a four-year-old child. The figure has a relaxed posture, standing in a slight stride. He looks like a child who is thinking about what to do next in order to get noticed. Dedicated to children's clothing and accessories shops. The versatile and timeless child mannequin 110cm full body in matte finish will be the perfect choice for your shop. Depending on your needs, you can choose a model with an abstract egg head or without a headless model.

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Traditional collection of unisex child mannequins

Our four-year-old is already in kindergarten, learning through play. He is making new friends. By choosing this product, you have the chance to present collections designed for the outdoors and the preschool bench. Each model is traditional and interacts effortlessly with others. Adapted to be combined with older and younger figures. In this way you can show a group of little friends, playground entertainment and diligent kids learning about letters. They will look perfect in jeans, sweatshirts and baseball caps. You can create a fantastic child's world in your display, thus attracting the attention of your customers.

Child Egg Head Display

We are a manufacturer of unisex child mannequins. We guarantee high quality products at an attractive price. The children's mannequins from the 800 collection are classic attitudes, made with due care and diligence. We make sure the figures resemble toddlers. The four-year-old in our design is a typical child. Combined with the other figures in the series, they will create a dream exhibition.

Sturdy unisex child Mannequin

The model is lightweight and easy to use. Made of durable materials, it will endure every exhibition change, rearranging, moving and changing. If you need advice, are unsure where to start, what mannequins would be best for you, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our many years of experience means that we are always up to the task.

Data sheet

Height 95- 110cm / 37.4- 43.3in
Chest 56cm / 22in
Waist 51cm / 20in
Hips 60cm / 23.6in
Colour white matt 9003
Base glass, round (B-G3)


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