Retail Mannequins Bridging Generations!

Retail Mannequins Bridging Generations!

MORE Mannequins offers a diverse range of mannequins featuring both adult and child figures. Leveraging stylistic similarities, these mannequins can be seamlessly combined in displays, showcasing collections for the entire family or illustrating a comprehensive array of creations in boutiques, starting from clothing dedicated to the youngest members. What sets apart the various lines of child and adult mannequins? How can they be effectively merged in displays to tell an engaging story cohesively?

Dynamic Action and Movement in Retail Mannequins

Commencing with the dynamic TOMBOY kids’ mannequin collection, which can be harmoniously paired with sport mannequins. The synergy is particularly effective in sports stores offering merchandise for both adults and children.

Some active poses in the TOMBOY line closely resemble those in the adult series. A female sport mannequin depicting ballet dancers also has its smaller counterpart, portraying a girl with her leg raised above her head and torso inclined towards the ground. This combination allows for the highlighting of collections and the creation of a narrative about shared passions, whether between a mother and daughter or a mentor and student. The additional message conveyed through creative mannequin combinations captures attention and sparks interest, causing customers to pay greater attention to products presented in this manner.

The TOMBOY series also features poses inspired by school activities, incorporating dynamic gestures that showcase the range of emotions accompanying young students.

Elegance and Sophistication in Classic Mannequin Poses

Transitioning from dynamic to more static and traditional poses—though certainly not dull! The ID children's mannequin line maintains a similar style to the INDIVIDUAL collection, emphasizing classic poses and minimalism, enhancing the elegance of the composition. Observing individual poses gives the impression of viewing a photograph taken by a skilled photographer. The mannequins evoke photogenic individuals naturally posing and captured at the perfect moment.

The ID line illustrates the uniqueness of a child's personality, featuring mannequins portraying various characters, from calm to energetic, while maintaining universality and distinctiveness. Female mannequins have strongly straightened fingers, while male ones are delicately bent, emphasizing the refinement of our designs.

The correlation between the ID and INDIVIDUAL lines is particularly effective in presenting stylings targeted at fashionable, modern families who appreciate the values of urban fashion or classic clothing. While both collections are designed for individual mannequin placement, proper arrangement allows them to be ready for use in group displays. A child mannequin can stand in front of an adult mannequin, not obstructing the styling but evoking associations related to family.

Classic Modern – Redefining Past Trends

The third proposition involves a natural combination of the CLASSIC MODERN and CLASSIC MODERN KIDS collections. As one might surmise, both lines were designed similarly and executed in the same style.

What style is this? Vintage and retro—a new definition of past trends. We merged different traditions and inspirations, contrasting materials and colors, to redefine an old line and transform it into a unique, original, and modern composition. The interweaving of classic elements with the latest trends guarantees the highest level of aesthetic value.

A distinguishing feature of the CLASSIC MODERN and CLASSIC MODERN KIDS collections are the adjustable, articulated arms. This facilitates storytelling and synergy between individual mannequins portraying children and adults. The intriguing style, combined with unprecedented freedom of poses adopted by the display models, ensures intrigued glances from observers.

Find All This (and more) at MORE!

These are just a few of the possible combinations with MORE Mannequins collections. Our offering provides virtually limitless opportunities for merging styles and positions that enable you to tell an engaging story on your store display. However, if you require a design unlike any other, remember that our range includes the customization of mannequins. According to your unique vision, we will create an exhibition tailored to your specifications!