ACF14 Mannequin for Women's Clothing

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Our mannequin for women's clothing is not only an excellent tool for presenting elegant clothing but also fits perfectly into casual collections. Its versatility allows it to harmonize with both elegant dresses and jeans or sweaters. Regardless of the nature of your store, our mannequin for women's clothing will breathe new life into the garments and attract customers' attention. See the male head mannequin counterpart.

Women's Clothing Mannequin - Runway-Inspired Styling

Our mannequin for women's clothing has been designed in a way that reflects the latest trends from fashion runways. Although it may appear static, it possesses an interesting and dynamic pose that gives it a unique character. Its silhouette is slightly bent to the right, creating a statuesque posture. The arms hang freely down, and the head is turned slightly to the left, emphasizing elegance. The combination of classic and modern elements makes our mannequin for women's clothing incredibly captivating, catching the eye of every customer.

Women's Clothing Mannequin - Abstract Head and Latest Visual Merchandising Trends

A remarkable feature of our mannequin for women's clothing is its abstract head, which gives it a distinctive look. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends in visual merchandising, we have opted for a bold solution that sets our figure apart from other mannequins. With this addition, the mannequin seamlessly fits into modern store spaces, creating a unique impression on customers. Our mannequin for women's clothing will undoubtedly draw the attention of every customer and become a focal point in store displays.

Women's Clothing Mannequin - Classic Collection for Stores with Elegant and Casual Attire

In the set, you will find a women's clothing mannequin, a round glass base with a calf mount, gloves, and correction paint. Additionally, it is available in two color variations to better match the character of your store. We encourage you to purchase our mannequin for women's clothing, which will help you effectively present and promote women's attire, both elegant and casual.

Data sheet

Height 180 cm / 71 in
Chest 88 cm / 35 in
Waist 63 cm / 25 in
Hips 89 cm / 35 in
Shoe size 38 / 5 UK
Gender female
Brand Persona 21-27 years old, 27+ years
Material fibreglass
Colour grey matt RAL7043, white matt 9003
Base glass, round (B-G1)


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