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If the price is just as important to you as quality when buying mannequins, then you're in the right place. It's the last chance to equip your boutique or atelier with displays from MORE Mannequins' limited collections. In the male mannequins outlet section, you'll find carefully selected, high-quality male mannequins at attractive prices, including sports and abstract mannequins made of fibreglass with perfect sculpture. 

The mannequin sale is an excellent opportunity for small, intimate boutiques looking for individual high-quality display pieces. Mannequin prices are reduced significantly, and each model is of full value, without any damage. Limited collections of mannequins are made in a limited number of copies, giving you a guarantee of a unique display that will distinguish your brand from the competition.

Outlet offers of male mannequins are constantly updated. All models are available in a limited range, and if you're interested in a more extensive display, we encourage you to contact our sales representative. In addition to the male mannequin outlet, our store also offers: low-priced female mannequins and outlet children's mannequins.