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A mannequin that will fit every store and last for years? The female mannequin with ABS is a combination of universality, timelessness, and versatility. Easy to use, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Choose the MIX & MATCH system - what is it all about?

  • You purchase a basic mannequin in a simple position FB1-WM.
  • You select AS-FB2-WM arms - gaining 3 additional position combinations.
  • You add FS-WM head - gaining another combination.
  • Enjoy additional styling possibilities with the purchase of just 1 mannequin.

Unlimited personalization options - female mannequin with ABS

With its simple posture and abstract egghead, our female ABS mannequin blends perfectly with youth, sports, elegant, and high-fashion styles. It's a true mix-and-match master - choose from two available heads and four arm arrangement combinations. Change the display as you please, and you only need one mannequin.

Innovative materials and key benefits

The mannequin is made of 90% durable ABS, known for its lightweight, durability, and eco-friendliness. Our ABS mannequins are 100% recyclable. Additionally, the special production technology allows for long-term use.

What characterizes the female ABS mannequin?

• Free Head Rotation: This feature makes styling presentations even more dynamic.

• Environmental Protection: This mannequin symbolizes care for the planet - reducing CO2 emissions by 50% compared to traditional fiberglass mannequins.

• Durability: Unique ABS material ensures the mannequin won't shatter - an investment for years.

• Long Lifespan: Thanks to precise craftsmanship and durable materials, the mannequin retains its quality for 10 years.

• Anti-Scratch Coating: Showcase styles without worrying about surface scratches.

 Lightweight and Mobility: The reduced weight of the mannequin (only 7,5 kg) makes it easy to move and quickly rearrange space.

• Solid Base: A metal base measuring 35x35 cm ensures the mannequin's stability, translating to user comfort and presentation.

Our new innovative line of ABS mannequins will allow you to use the product for many years due to its durability and timelessness. You can freely adjust the mannequin in various ways without fear of damage. Choose the innovative design from MORE Mannequins.

Data sheet

Height 185 cm / 73 in
Chest 85 cm / 33,5 in
Waist 63 cm / 24,8 in
Hips 88 cm / 34,6 in
Shoe size 39 / 6 UK
Heel 9 cm / 3,5 in
Gender damskie
Material ABS
Colour white matt 9003
Base metal, square, white (B-39x39-W)




Very happy with this mannequin, I also purchased the Interchangeable arms. The only drawback to note is the difference in the hands on the interchangeable arms. When combined, the hands do not match exactly.



I finally found a mannequin that is truly sustainable and also good-looking!

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