Interchangeable female mannequin arms AS-FB2-WM

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Our innovative Interchangeable Arms for "hunch" positions are a solution that will help you invigorate your presentations and strengthen your brand message. With them, you can create up to 4 different setting combinations using just one mannequin.

Why Interchangeable Arms - Timeless Store Display:

Versatility: Our arms allow easy adaptation of the mannequin's position to any decor and message. You can easily change settings, adapting the presentation to different seasons, collections, or special offers.

Straightforward Ergonomics: Working with our product is lightning fast! Remove, attach, ready – without hassles, without the need to invest a lot of time.

High-Quality Materials: Our arms are made from durable fiberglass, ensuring their reliability and durability. Additionally, they are coated with an anti-scratch finish, protecting them from scratches and damage, significantly extending the product's lifespan.

Unique Decorative Female Hands: Our product is not only functional but also visually appealing. Decorative female hands add elegance and charm, attracting customers' attention and highlighting your store's style.

Female Mannequin Interchangeable Arms - Embrace Versatility

Interchangeable Arms are a key element that will help you stand out in the market. Bring your presentations to life, create unique arrangements, and persuade customers to make a purchase. With our arms, you can create many interesting combinations using just one mannequin. By purchasing products from our latest line, you are making a conscious investment for years to come, contributing to environmental care.

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Material fibreglass
Colour white matt 9003




Love the idea of getting a bit of versatility just by changing the arms. Very useful, especially when you want to change the clothing display more often.

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