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Introducing the ultimate answer to your display and demonstration needs - our innovative ABS male mannequin torso. Not only does this product stand out for its stylish look and longevity, but it's also a champion of sustainability. Made from ABS, this mannequin produces over 60% less CO2 compared to traditional materials, making it a green choice for your store. The product is available with a head or a chrome neck cap.

Stand sold separately:

Convenient Adjustment of Wooden Arms - Male Torso with ABS

Our mens mannequin torso comes with wooden arms that can be adjusted effortlessly. This feature allows you to customize the arm positions according to the product being exhibited, leading to captivating arrangements and designs. Plus, ABS weighs over 25% less than other common materials, making this mannequin easy to maneuver and adjust as needed.

ABS Durability for Continued Use

ABS is unbreakable, assuring durability and dependability for our male mannequin torso. Regardless of how often you switch the products on display, the mannequin remains resistant to regular use and alterations in presentation. This material is known for its resistance to damage and distortion, ensuring a long-lasting product.

ABS Mannequin - The Intersection of Sophistication and Practicality

Our ABS mannequin merges sophistication with practicality, making it an ideal choice for diverse environments. Crafted with a keen eye for detail, this mannequin shines in both high-end boutiques and contemporary spaces. Moreover, the robust nature of the ABS material makes the mannequin resilient to constant handling.

In addition to its impressive functionality and aesthetic appeal, our ABS mannequin torso is 100% recyclable. This means at the end of its life, the mannequin can be responsibly disposed of, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future. Don't let the chance slip to amplify the attractiveness of your displays while preserving durability and promoting environmental responsibility.

Data sheet

Height 93cm / 36.5in
Chest 96cm / 38in
Waist 79 cm / 31 in
Hips 92 cm / 36 in
Gender male
Material ABS, cotton, wood
Head trimmed with fabric


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