AF1 ABS female mannequin

HM1 Eco-friendly Male Mannequin

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HM1 - The pinnacle of simple, adaptable clothing mannequin design

Meet the HM1 from NANOFORM, a symbol of minimalist design fused with unparalleled functionality, tailored for the fashion industry. This sustainable mannequin is constructed from eco-conscious, recyclable ABS material, emphasizing NANOFORM's dedication to lowering CO2 emissions and achieving a zero-waste goal. With two interchangeable hand styles to suit different display requirements, the HM1 clothing mannequin is the ideal selection for fashion exhibitions seeking a mix of straightforwardness, superior design quality, and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Discover the NANOFORM sustainable mannequin series.

Introducing the NANOFORM Series from the creators at WISE Mannequins - where cutting-edge design meets environmental responsibility in clothing mannequin creation. NANOFORM is dedicated to producing sustainable mannequins that cater to the modern demands of the fashion world. Crafted with the environment in mind, these mannequins are distinguished by their low CO2 emissions, recyclability, secure production methods, and a commitment to planting a tree for each purchase. The NANOFORM line is notable for its endurance, resistance to fire and scratches, and steadfastness, all supported by a sturdy metal base. Designed for practicality, the male and female sustainable mannequins boast natural standing positions, parts that can be easily swapped, and straightforward setup guided by QR code instructions. Leading the way in eco-conscious fashion display solutions, NANOFORM emphasises sleek, high-quality design for a lasting impression.

Data sheet

Height 194 cm / 76,4 in
Chest 94 cm
Waist 80 cm / 31,5 in
Hips 91 cm / 36 in
Gender male
Material ABS
Colour white matt RAL9010
Base 38cm x 38cm square metal, in white matt RAL9003


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