MIX & MATCH Systems - How does it work?

• You purchase a basic mannequin in a simple position FB1-WM.

• You select arms AS-FB2-WM - gaining 3 additional position combinations.

• You choose a head FS-WM - gaining another combination.

• Enjoy additional styling possibilities with the purchase of just one mannequin.

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  • FB1-WM
    -10 %

    ABS Female mannequin FB1-WM

    A mannequin that will fit every store and last for years? The female mannequin with ABS is a combination of universality, timelessness, and versatility. Easy to use, durable, and environmentally friendly.

    £175.50 £195.00
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  • Interchangeable female mannequin arms AS-FB2-WM

    Our innovative Interchangeable Arms for "hunch" positions are a solution that will help you invigorate your presentations and strengthen your brand message. With them, you can create up to 4 different setting combinations using just one mannequin.

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  • Interchangeable Mannequin Head FS-MW

    An ecological mannequin head is the key to endless styling possibilities. Whether you're showcasing youth clothing, sporty outfits, or elegant creations, by turning the mannequin head in any direction, you bring dynamism and movement to the presentation. This remarkable feature allows for easy adoption of various poses.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items