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The best cute mannequin models are realistic versions with natural poses. Such figures build an interesting showcase - on appropriately positioned mannequins it is easier to present clothes effectively. The mannequin whole body for sale is set in a dynamic pose and looks realistic thanks to the make-up. The mannequin is size 34/36 and can be made in any colour (easy to match with any exhibition design). Find an idea for your shop display.

Cute mannequin models make for an attractive exhibition

Designing an exhibition that invites the customer into the shop is a multi-step process. One of the key elements is the choice of shop mannequins. We offer you a female mannequin in an interesting pose - the leg tilted to the left, the knee bent and the whole figure facing slightly forward. This pose creates an energetic atmosphere and is comfortable to style. The contoured leg draws attention to the lower part of the mannequin, which is ideal for displaying trousers or skirts.

How to choose a mannequin whole body for sale?

The search for the best mannequin for your shop should begin with the design of your shop window. Once you have it, you need to match it with the ideal products. The possibility of ordering a mannequin in any colour gives you great freedom of arrangement. Don't forget the wig, which will add naturalness to the figure (to be ordered separately). The quality of the workmanship and the materials of the mannequin are crucial. Our cute mannequin models are made of durable fibreglass with a special anti-scratch coating to ensure years of use. The hands, made of durable PVC, are elegantly contoured to look natural and make it easy to display small items of clothing.

Choose a complete range

Our fibreglass mannequin whole body for sale is sold as a complete set - with a round glass base (with calf attachment), gloves and corrective paint. Don't give it a second thought - buy a mannequin and freshen up your showcase. Remember that only cute mannequin models make for interesting exhibitions.

Data sheet

Height 185 cm / 73 in
Chest 83 cm / 32,5 in
Waist 62 cm / 24,4 in
Hips 86 cm / 34 in
Shoe size 38 / 5 UK
Heel 10 cm / 4 in
Gender female
Brand Persona 21-27 years old, 27+ years
Colour flesh-colored
Base glass, round (B-G1)


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